How do I send messages to passersby and people close to my business?

Consider the owner or manager of a store or company that offers products or services in person. They may use a variety of marketing and advertising methods to increase sales such as placing ads in newspapers and magazines, installing banners, make website and blog, email marketing, SMS marketing, social networks and more. In this way they tries to present his products and services to the general public of his city and country.

People near your store or passing around it are your daily potential customers. The chances of attracting passersby and those close to shops or company offices through advertising messages are very high. All of the marketing and advertising methods mentioned above help with sales and customer acquisition goals but are not very effective in attracting passersby and people close to the business.

Most people today have cell phones and we can send messages when they are near us by useing SMS, Bluetooth and WiFi, each with disadvantages and limitations. Location-based texting, in addition to paying for the services of companies providing these services, there may also be some legal restrictions on texting. On the other hand, people may have disabled texting or receiving anonymous or promotional SMS. Bluetooth has a range of only several meters and is not available on all phones and must be confirmed by the recipient when sending a message. In the case of WiFi, besides numerous limitations and problems, hardware must be used and their range is below 50 meters.

Another way is to use a mobile app that is installed on people's mobiles so that when they are near the business, receive our messages and notifications. One way to use mobile app to send messages to the phones around us is to create our own business app that may not be welcomed by people despite the cost of producing and maintaining it. People might like to receive our messages, but in that case they have to install a lot of different business apps on their phone. In addition, by changing the cell phone or switching the cell phone back to factory default, your app will be deleted and it will be less likely to be reinstalled.

Another way to use a mobile app to send location-based messages is to use an interesting public app so that people can receive messages from other people and businesses in addition to receiving your messages, so that they can send messages to others around themselves.

Jeek is an application for sending location-based messages. Jeek is free to use and easy to install and use. You do not need to register a mobile number, email, or other account to use Jeek, and once installed, you can send messages to anyone around you who has Jeek installed on their phones or receive messages from other Jeek users.

Most of your customers and passersby around your business will be in the immediate vicinity of your business daily or every few days, and if Jeek is installed on their phone you can easily send them your promotional message. You can encourage your customers to install Jeek on their phone. This will allow more of your current and potential customers to have Jeek app installed on their phone and receive your messages when they are near you. To encourage customers and individuals to install Jeek, you can offer discounts on your products and services.

Click here to download and install Jeek. You can also download and print the pdf file and install it in a convenient location so that customers can see the download link and install Jeek. Use Jeek and increase your sales.